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Jerky SeasoningsJerky Seasonings for Beef, Wild Game, and Poultry

Amaze your family and friends with your own homemade jerky using Clem's Oregon Trail Seasonings, whether you use a smoker, dehydrator, or home oven, Clem uses all-natural ingredients that bring alive the classic flavor of the meat.

Each of the 3 packaged flavors contains enough seasoning for 15 pounds of meat.

Price: $6.00 or Combo Pak 3 for $17.00. Combo pak consists of one of each flavor.

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With its hickory-smoked flavor and mild seasoning, the original flavor enhances the taste and texture of the meat. Original

Black Pepper

The addition of coarse black pepper gives the jerky a robust, spicy flavor. Black Pepper

Mild Red Pepper

This seasoning is slightly hot, though not overpowering. If extra hot is desired add more red pepper or cayenne to the seasoning. Mild Red Pepper


Easy directions for preparing your very own jerky:

Step 1:

Sprinkle Clem's Oregon Trail Jerky Seasonings over your sliced meat, one tablespoon per pound of meat. Mix well by rubbing the meat and seasonings together.

Step 2:

Stretch the seasoned meat over racks or Easy Clean Jerky Drying Screens being careful not to overlap the meat. Dry in a 200 degree preheated oven for about 2½ hours, or your dehydrator or smoker as the manufacture recommends.


The timing depends on the thickness of the meat, the moisture content, the amount of meat being dried, and also the altitude. If at sea level 5 pounds of meat, ¼ inch thick, medium moisture content, at 200 degrees will take about 2½ hours.

How to Make Beef Jerky