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Traditional Smoked Sausage Seasonings

There's nothing quite like the sultry flavor of smoked sausage to add life to your parties, socials and dinners. Imagine everyone's surprise when they discover it was made in your own oven! With Clem's Oregon Trail seasonings, preparing sausage couldn't be simpler. Just mix, roll, bake, and it's ready to serve in about an hour! Use your quality low-fat meats to produce healthier foods for your family and friends.

Each seasoning packet, available in the following flavors, is enough for 5 lbs. of ground beef, unseasoned pork, game, fowl, or any mixture of meats.

Price: $2.00 or Combo Pak 6 for $11.00. Combo Pak consists of one of each flavor.

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The difference between cooked sausage and fresh sausage seasoning: The cooked sausage seasoning contains sodium nitrite. This is a preservative that the allows the finished product to be kept refridgerated for 7 to 10 days. The fresh sausage seasoning contains no preservatives and should be fully cooked within 1 to 2 days or wrapped and frozen to be cooked at a later date.






A warm and aromatic seasoning, gentle but not without bite. Hunter


An exciting flavor for your ground meat. Summer


The unforgettable flavor of pepperoni bursts into your mouth with every bite. Hickory Pepperstick


Invite this distinct Old World classic into your kitchen! Polish


Just Mix, Roll, Bake and Serve!

Step 1:

Mix 1 package of Clem's Oregon Trail Sausage seasoning with 5 lbs of ground meat. Add ½ cup cold water.

Step 2:

Form into 3 sausage rolls and lay onto broiler pan.

Step 3:

Insert cooking thermometer into the end of one roll. Place in oven pre-heated to 300 degrees. When thermometer reaches 160 degrees, sausage is ready to cool and serve. Store in your refrigerator for up to 10 days, or freeze for later use.

Traditional Smoked Sausage

How to Make Sausage