Clems Oregon Trail Seasonings

Clem's Oregon Trail All-Meats Seasoning

Enjoy the zest and stunning flavor of a wonderful new " Magic in a Bottle - Clem's All-Meats Seasoning" from the inventive mind of Clem Stechelin.This is the best all-purpose meat seasoning you'll ever use the only seasoning needed for beef, pork, lamb, wild game, poultry and upland birds to fry, broil, bake or BBQ. Also excellent in soups and stews, just season to taste.

Price: $8.00 or Combo Pak 2 for $15.00.

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All Meat

Clem's All -Meats Seasoning can be used any meat any way you like it. Fried, Baked or dried.
Fish Seasoning