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Meatcutting Video Clips
Smoking meat and fish takes practice -- use our resources to get it done just right.

Solutions for Meat Cutting and Jerky & Sausage Made EasyDVD: Solutions for Meat Cutting - $10.00

Solutions for Meat Cutting and
Jerky & Sausage Made Easy - 2 hours

featuring Clem Stechelin with Larry D. Jones, Mike Bybee, Jody Stechelin, and Mena Boekoff
Just released on DVD!

The first hour features step-by-step instructions on boning out deer and elk. The second hour contains instructions for making jerky in your oven, sausage rolls from your oven, and 15 minutes on making skinless link sausage in your kitchen.

Solutions for Cutting MeatVideo: Solutions for Cutting Meat - $5.00

Solutions for Cutting Meat - 1 hour
featuring Clem Stechelin with Larry D. Jones

Discover simple, easy steps for boning, cutting, wrapping, and preparing deer, elk, and other animals with Clem and Larry. Watch Clem properly bone an animal, discussing exactly where to start the cuts and how each part should be used (as steaks, roast, jerky, or ground.) Clem brings 25 years of experience to the video, giving lessons and tips gleaned from his myriad experiences. Larry Jones is a well known bow hunter, regularly writing articles for national publications and lecturing to groups all over America. Solutions for Cutting Meat is one of a long list of popular videos produced by Wilderness Sound Production Ltd.


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