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Non-Stick Easy Clean Jerky Drying Screens
for smoking your own jerky at home

Erica Using Drying Screens
(adult supervision required)    

Clem's Oregon Trail Seasonings produces an easy to use line of drying screens for your home oven or smoker. Each durable food grade USDA approved Polypropylene screen will with stand temperatures up to 275 degrees, although jerky or other dried foods should not be dried over 200 degrees. After drying the meat bend the screen and the jerky will simply slide right off.

Always preheat your oven first. Screens should always be on the top two levels in the oven.

Added feature: Clem's screens can be used to dehydrate foods in you oven or smoker. Set oven to 160 to 170 degrees, prop door open one inch, and dry to desired dryness.

Dehydrator Screens/Custom Screens
We also custom cut screens for smokers, ovens, and dehydrators. We cut custom screens from rolls up to 30" wide and 48" wide. Contact us for more information by calling us toll free at 1-541-536-8480. Ask for custom cut pricing.

Standard Screens
Standard screens can be ordered:
Call 1-541-536-8480 to place your order
or email Clem directly at!

These top-rack dishwasher-safe screens are terrific for home use!




Oven Screens 4 10" x 15" $19
Little Chief Screen 4 10" x 10" $15
Big Chief Screens 5 10" x 16" $23
Bradley Smoker Screens 3 10" x 13" $15


Custom Cut Jerky Drying Screens
for smokers, ovens, and dehydrators
Call 1-541-536-8480

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