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How to Make Skinless Link Sausage
Easy Directions!

Step 1:

Stuff seasoned sausage mixture into a skinless link sausage bag (pastry bag) leaving enough space (about 4 inches) at the top to be able to fold over the top making sure the mixture stays in the bag while squeezing.

Step 2:

On a flat pan or cookie sheet, squeeze the sausage bag so that the seasoned sausage mixture begins to come out forming a row of sausage. Continue this process until all the meat has been formed into rows. Place the cookie sheet with the fresh rows of sausage into the freezer and freeze until firm. Now cut the rows of sausage into desired size links.

Step 3:

The sausage links are now ready to fry, bake, or freeze for later use.

Sausage Bag (pastry bag):

Recommended length of bag should be 16" to 18" long. The opening where the sausage is squeezed out should be about ¾" for breakfast links and about 1¼" for a dinner sausage.